A week with isolation and sheet metal work.

A week with isolation and sheet metal work.

Magnus Sandebree
Created Jul 04, 2016

Another week has past and a new is just beginning. During last week we progressed with isolation and some sheet metal work. We try to see how we can speed up different tasks in the future and isolation is one of them. The system we now use has proved to work swiftly in some regards and a bit less smoothly in others. As with most stuff it can be improved and in this case most likely it is the work situation on a pontoon that contribute to the challenge of speed and ease of use.  This week we start working on the facade. It looks promising.  

Delivery from Rockwoll, with help from Bygma Sundsvall
Isolation used this time is Rockwoll. Also thank you Bygma for helping us out when it comes to tools and storage.
Insulation outside framework
150 and 200 mm isolation system
Jörgen doing it right
Work in progress.
The sheet metal work
The balance of keeping water out and maintaining a satisfactory air flow.
The sheet metal work at the roof
Next week we continue the work with the facade