Contain Partner Event

Preview event for partners

Johan Hammarström
Created Nov 04, 2016

A few days before the public showing we had a preview event with our partners and suppliers, who in various ways have helped us to complete the construction of the floating house.

A big thank you, to all of you who have helped us with our first unit of Contain! 


Contain partner event
Presenting and discussing details in the finished house with our partners and suppliers.
Contain partner event
IKEA have supported and collaborated with our project by decorating parts of the house, such as the bedrooms and parts of the kitchen and lounges.
Contain partner event
The net upstairs was a very popular hang out place during the event!
Evonella Garden Contain
Linda and Maria from Evonella Garden in Bergsåker decorated the courtyard and the deck for the event.
Evonella Garden Contain
Evonella Garden created a culture garden of the courtyard with influences from urban timber yards. Due to the late season they could not plant vegetables, but tulip bulbs were planted that will bloom in the spring.
Evonella Garden Contain
Then the snow arrived and got us a lovely excuse to make a bonfire!