Peaces of stair - Water jet cutting

Interior with focus on form follows function

Magnus Sandebree
Created Jul 29, 2016

The assembling of the interior has now begun. It is developed and adapted to collective housing, which is a common way of living for students and commuters. Fixed furniture has been specifically designed for the house with focus on function, but also aesthetics. The idea of the fixtures and fittings are for instance to make it easier for students when moving, avoiding chaos and keeping a clean space. Everything from beds to seating in the kitchen is built of wood and specifically designed for the house and the collective lifestyle.

The majority of the house's furniture consists of wooden parts, which is cut-out with a water jet. The parts are then assembled to a piece of furniture.
Smart storage built in under the stair
The staircase that takes you up to the second floor also has storage space and a small laundry room underneath.
The wooden furniture pieces has got perfect fit and stylish details.
Placing the stair - peace by peace
Putting the staircase pieces together.
The design of the furniture simplifies the assembly of it.
Kitchen sofa
A kitchen sofa under construction. Loots of room for dining with friends and roommates.