Lounge upstairs

The interior of the co-living unit

Johan Hammarström
Created Nov 17, 2016

The interior is developed and adapted to a collective housing for three persons. Fixed furniture has been specifically designed for the house with focus on function, but also aesthetics. The idea of the fixtures and fittings are for instance to make it easier for people when moving, avoiding chaos and keeping a clean space.

The construction of the house consists of a frame of cross-laminated wood (CLT). This has been highlighted by having untreated wooden walls in the building's interior. The idea is to create a good indoor environment but also give the house a warm, Scandinavian feeling.

Because of the solid wooden walls, it is not possible to wire electricity inside them. Instead we used ventilation pipes to wire all electricity and ceiling lights, and at the same time make them stand out as a design feature instead of hiding them. The lights in the ceilings and the kitchen cabinets are controlled by remote controls that can regulate colour temperature and brightness.

Stairs and entrance
The staircase that takes you up to the second floor from the hallway also has individual storage space and a small laundry room underneath.
Lounge upstairs
The upper floor is divided for different hangout spaces. The net is a great place to chill with friends and provides a beautiful view outside the big windows, but also contact with people downstairs. The painting on the wall is made by the artist and illustrator Björn Öberg.
IKEA Black bedroom
There are three bedrooms in the house with a compact living approach. IKEA has interpreted three different personalities and decorated the bedrooms in three different ways. Each bedroom has got a bed, a desk, a walk in closet and lots of storage. Underneath the bed there’s wooden boxes specially designed for more sustainable and smart laundry routines. The windows’ facing into the house discourage the feeling of a student dormitory, and creates a friendly and open feeling in the house.
Kitchen plywood and IKEA
Parts of the kitchen are built of wood and are specifically designed for the house. The kitchen cabinets has got built in lighting and three fridges (one for each person). Under the lid in the kitchen floor there’s a mini underground cellar as an extra food and drink storage.
Multifunctional furniture - desk and sofa
Downstairs there are three multifunctional pieces of furniture that can be combined in various ways to suit the co-living lifestyle with different needs. The desktop can be used as a work or study space, or you can tip the furniture to get a lounge sofa. Behind the cork lid on the wall there is a tube for fishing rod storage.
Olle Melkerhed Photographer
All photos in this post were taken by the photographer Olle Melkerhed