Sterilized blueprints of the prototype, Contain Sundsvall

Experimentation, Testing and Co-Creation

Magnus Sandebree
Created May 07, 2016

In theory shaping buildings and tailor their functions in collaboration and co-creation with the intended user sounds very compelling. But is this thought a utopia in today's fast track society? Planning, research, testing and verification are all steps vital to a successful outcome yet we often pass these steps in a hurry to reach the phase of implementation. As in all cases there is a balance between the right amount, taking it to far or to be satisfied with an assumption. Often you have to experiment to reach the equilibrium. As a design driven company we have nice theories on how to involve the user and why this is beneficial but we need to put this into practice and within the context of the reality that we exist in. With our project Contain we see a way to begin to research and develop a process for co-creation in the land of construction. Our aim is to able to create lasting, flexible and functional building solutions.

What is Contain?

Sterilized blueprints of the prototype, Contain Sundsvall
Sterilized blueprints of the prototype, Contain Sundsvall

Contain is our project under development where we try to create a flexible building system where the physical space is co-created and tested with end users. Since we are not by trade builders we try to pursue this task from a different angle where functions are shaped and tested before becoming a part of the final outcome regardless of use (a home, office, commercial property, hotel or other construction) and placement (land, water, air). We strongly believe that the user can contribute and co-create to development within the field. We strongly believe we have to experiment, test and verify ideas through prototyping before implementing ideas in the final solution and through Contain we try to shape this way of working when creating new buildings and their surroundings.

Our thinking is built upon transparency and creating dialog so if interested in the progress of Contain and co-creation we would love to hear from you.