Contain Building - Facade

Completion of the exterior

Johan Hammarström
Created Jul 14, 2016

The last week has been all about completing the building's exterior. We have managed to build the facade and roof, and installed the windows and doors. The facade and the roof consist of a new kind of timber that is produced by SCA Timber.

Facade pre-work
Screws up studs before the set of the facade.
Windows in place
The black windows frames up nicely against the wooden facade.
Facade material
The timber from SCA Timber is impregnated twice – first basic impregnated, and then impregnated again with pigmented linseed oil. This gives the timber a higher durability and the risk of it to burst decreases significantly.
Roof material
Thanks to the durability of the timber, it can be used as roofing material. The roof timber has got finished milled grooves that helps to divert water from the roof when it rains.
Together with SCA we want to test the timber's durability when it’s exposed in a rough environment. By using the timber on the floating house prototype, we can see how it will look and function during every season in the marine environment.