On the 5th and 6th of November, we had our first public showing of the first unit in the harbour of Sundsvall. There was a lot of interest and curiosity to get on board to see the house's interior. We got a lot of positive responses from the visitors, which were more than 400 people during this weekend! Thanks everyone who came and cheered our project!

Contain: Preview event for partners

Johan Hammarström
Created Nov 04, 2016
A few days before the public showing we had a preview event with our partners and suppliers, who in various ways have helped us to complete the construction of the floating house. A big thank you, to all of you who have helped us with our first unit of Contain!
The building phase is now in its final stages and the inauguration date will soon be released. The coming weeks will focus on completing the interior before the first bunch of individuals are moving in for testing. Those of you who have applied to try our co-living house on water will get information about this next week. It's still possible to submit an application.

Contain: Building balconies and wooden decks

Johan Hammarström
Created Aug 17, 2016
The house's exterior has been given a real boost since the balconies and wooden decks were built. The black detail creates a nice contrast against the wooden facade. We had our first foreign visitors today, discussing our material choices and building approach in the prototype.
The assembling of the interior has now begun. It is developed and adapted to collective housing, which is a common state for students and commuters. Fixed furniture has been specifically designed for the house with focus on function, but also aesthetics. The idea of the fixtures and fittings are for instance to make it easier for students when moving, avoiding chaos and keeping a clean space. Everything from beds to seating in the kitchen is built of wood and specifically designed for the house and the collective lifestyle.

Contain: Completion of the exterior

Johan Hammarström
Created Jul 14, 2016
The last week has been all about completing the building's exterior. We have managed to build the facade and roof, and installed the windows and doors. The facade and the roof consist of a new kind of timber that is produced by SCA Timber.

Contain: Site preparation

Magnus Sandebree
Created Jun 17, 2016

It has been a busy week. Preparations connected to the foundation of the house has been the main focus. And next week, starting Monday morning,  the construction of the building will take place. It is truly  rewarding to be able to collaborate with such great partners and with our dedicated in-house-team, so thank you all!

At 12:30, on a sunny day and in hard wind, the platform arrived from our supplier Pontech. Placement and adjustments are still ahead and in working progress. Two concrete pontoons joined together, creating an area of 128 m2 , will act as our house foundation and yard. It is a beautiful piece and result of rigid calculations and functional thoughts. A piece that now will be tested and evaluated during the months to come.
Contain is our project under development where we try to create a flexible building system where the physical space is co-created and tested with end users. Since we are not by trade builders we try to pursue this task from a different angle where functions are shaped and tested before becoming a part of the final outcome regardless of use (a home, office, commercial property, hotel or other construction) and placement (land, water, air). We strongly believe that the user can contribute and co-create to development within the field. We strongly believe we have to experiment, test and verify ideas through prototyping before implementing ideas in the final solution and through Contain we try to shape this way of working when creating new buildings and their surroundings.